Cliff Richey


Fort Worth, TX


Artist Cliff Richey 1976-1999... raised and went to school in Houston, Texas.

At the early age of 15 he discovered he had a rare form of muscular dystrophy and had to undergo a heart transplant.
He eventually had to resort to a wheelchair but again this did not slow him down. He enjoyed studying art and was as creative as the artist he studied. His unique style often reflected his sense of humor and the genuis within.
His real interest of study was cubism art that revolutionized European painting in the 20th century. He was really inspired by the works of Picasso and Braque and how they expressed themselves though their paintings. Being self taught really set the stage for an exciting venture into the world of expressionism and cubist art....His last painting was suspended when he had his second heart transplant..He was never able to return to the work he loved and passed away a month later, August, 1999.

Cliff dreamed of displaying his art and sharing it with the world. His work had last been displayed in museum's in Dallas Tx and was to be displayed at the Museum of Natural Science in Houston...It is now our hope to continue his dream.'s

Would consider selling any of his painting's for continued museum display.

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Talk The Talk And Walk The Walk by Cliff Richey


Once Upon A Dream by Cliff Richey


Walking by Cliff Richey


Later by Cliff Richey


Rosh Hashanah 3000 by Cliff Richey


Try To Wiggle Out Of This One by Cliff Richey


The Masses Of Confusion by Cliff Richey


Tequila Sunset by Cliff Richey


Arizona Bird by Cliff Richey


Surf's Up by Cliff Richey


Artist by Cliff Richey


It Happens by Cliff Richey


In The Eyes Of Eve by Cliff Richey


The Dance Of The Nudes by Cliff Richey


Friends by Cliff Richey


Spontaneous Mutation by Cliff Richey


Walking In My Shoes by Cliff Richey


Tree Of Hope by Cliff Richey


Another Fish In The Sea by Cliff Richey


Looking Back by Cliff Richey


Cliff Richey by Cliff Richey


Heart Transplant by Cliff Richey


Free At Last by Cliff Richey